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Come join us at the Euro Cine Expo end of June in Munich! Stand 508 next to our friends from Projects Department Ltd Get your Free Entry by registering via below link!
Villrich Broadcast is looking forward catching up in person during this years NAB SHOW 2024 in Las Vegas. Expand your horizons and broaden your perspective at the 2024 NAB Show, the premier event for the entire broadcast, media, and entertainment industry. In just two weeks, we’ll be returning to Las Vegas for this exciting gathering, and Villrich Broadcast can’t wait to see you there! Schedule your meeting by reaching out to, and be sure to visit our booth alongside our Managing Director, Richard Villhaber, who will be stationed at the Telescript International booth C6707! Here’s a sneak peek at the brands you can explore with us on-site: 1. Polecam Ltd: Discover Polecam’s cutting-edge camera cranes, minicam solutions, and remote heads at 2. Miller Tripods: Explore Miller Tripods’ range of tripods, fluid heads, and pedestals at 3. Telescript International: Experience Telescript International’s teleprompters, public speaking systems, software, and NDI-12G integration at 4. Movicom: Dive into Movicom’s offerings, including cablecams, railcams, towercams, and remote heads, at 5. Waterbird: Immerse yourself in Waterbird’s remote flexible sliders for dynamic shots at 6. ProSup: Explore ProSup’s sliders, dollies, and jibs for versatile camera movements at 7. Gentree: Power up with Gentree’s V/B/G-Mount batteries, power distributors (48V) at 8. Projects Department Ltd: Illuminate your productions with Projects Department Ltd’s Element Tile Lighting solutions at Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with industry leaders, explore cutting-edge technologies, and discover innovative solutions at the 2024 NAB Show. We look forward to seeing you there!
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Here’s to a cheerful holiday and a fresh 2024. Warmest wishes to all of you! From all of us at: #villrichbroadcast #gentree_batteries #telescript_autocue #waterbird_sliders #polecam_autopod #miller_tripods
Villrich Broadcast Distributor and Reseller of Cine, Broadcast and Professional AV Solutions. We talk about Teleprompters, Camera Support Equipment, DC Power Solutions, Camera Tracking, Multiviewers, NDI, Automation and more….Like to find out more follow us on our socials… Come Join us at IBC2023! #telescript #gentree #waterbirdsystems #polecam #craltech #pessenergy #dejero #pdl #ibc2023 #villrichbroadcast
Villrich Broadcast is looking forward catching up in person during this years IBC SHOW 2023 in Amsterdam. Come Join us at IBC2023! #telescript #gentree #waterbirdsystems #polecam #craltech #pessenergy #dejero #pdl #ibc2023 #villrichbroadcast
Villrich Broadcast is looking forward catching up in person during this years NAB SHOW 2023 in Las Vegas. We welcome you at our partners stand “Telescript International” Booth C5307. In case you like to set up an appointment feel free to USE OUR CALENDER: or send an email to If you're around just give us a call. See you there!
Lukkien New Virtual Production Facility in the Netherlands
Last year, Lukkien invested in a 22x5 meter LED volume with ROE Diamond panels, a Disguise workflow, and Stype tracking. In 2023, they started to create commercials, brand promo’s, film productions and more and will discover the full potential of their virtual production setup. Villrich Broadcast consulted in their choice of camera tracking and after comparing two brands, Lukkien ultimately chose Stype. This system is very robust, quickly tweakable during a shoot, and is widely used in VP volumes around the world. The technical support from Stype is superb, which means that there is someone available for us 24/7 when we encounter any problems. This was an important reason for us to choose Stype, as it almost guarantees that any tracking issues during a shoot will not be a showstopper. Virtual production itself can be very effective with just a single prop. However, the combination of VP with their in-house teams of set builders, art department, crew, and CGI gives endless creative possibilities. It is now better than ever to bring the outdoors inside or virtually build a set that is even more beautiful. Their goal is to seek a wide range of content production in addition to any high-end commercials or film productions. They can use the technology to create more production value for social and online content. Think, for example, about centrally produced region-specific content for international brands. They can easily switch between locations, or turn a loft into a European, Asian, or American location with accents and a view. The possibilities are literally endless, so we hope to see great concepts from agencies or nice collaborations with other production companies. Lukkien is open to these kinds of connections, expanding the use of our virtual production set up.
Villrich Broadcast talks about Camera Support Equipment
“In this special camera support feature I like to highlight just a few of the manufacturers I have got to known over the years and which I have been working with ever since due to their innovative design and listening ear of what the market needs” says Richard Villhaber. MovieTech, a German based company specializing in Camera Grip (Camera Cranes, Dollies and Remote Heads) with a history of over 25 years when it comes to supplying professional grip equipment to the broadcast and film industry. MovieTech’ s mission is to find optimal solutions to move the camera and to make work on the set easier by providing highly functional and reliable products. MovieTech 4×4 Dolly is a lightweight doorway dolly with 2- and 4-wheel steering. The new 4×4 dolly is equipped with numerous features that make it unrivaled in its class. In particular, the new steering concept gives the 4×4 dolly a special advantage – by simply lifting and lowering the push bar, you can switch from 2 to 4-wheel steering in no time at all. A robust gear made of stainless steel ensures reliable and problem-free switching even after many years of use on the set. Both the handlebar and the push bar can be mounted on either end of the dolly. Another highlight of the new 4×4 dolly is the presence of versatile and numerous attachment points for accessories, such as turnstiles, seat arms, side shells, tripod adapters and much more. The new quick-release pins also enable extremely short set up times. The 4×4 dolly allows a tools-free switch from pneumatic of various sizes wheels to track wheels. Visit our website at Waterbird, an international manufacturer and provider of Sliders is pleased to introduce the Multi Slider XL. A fully integrable, bendable rail system for professional concert and studio applications. The patented MSXL is the world’s first and only bendable rail and tracking system that enables fast conversion from linear to curved tracks, ensures quick and easy setup and allows compact transportation. The super quiet Servo Motor driven carriage can be controlled by Joystick, Foot-Pedal, DMX or IP. The MSXL delivers perfect solutions for events like concerts and sports, studios, cinematography, photogrammetry, face-scanning or rigging systems. The flexibility, fast and easy handling has made it a popular choice for different industrial and security applications besides the film industry. Wherever a combination of movement, flexibility and accuracy is required, it is the MSXL that meets the respective demands. Since 2019 the MSXL is successfully on Tour with live acts such as BON JOVI, METALLICA and RAMMSTEIN. Due to its very quiet motion, it absolutely satisfies producers of Violin and Orchestra Concerts. The range of usability definitely includes sport events, like the French Open Grand Slam Tournament, where the MSXL already performed in 2020. In 2021 the MSXL was used at The Oscars Academy Awards. Visit our website at ProSup, was founded in 2000 has been the inventor and manufacturer of the E-Jib, Laptop Dolly and Tango Roller. Since its foundation Prosup has become a well-known high-quality specialist in the design and manufacture of lightweight constructions for professional camera support. The legendary Tango Roller is known for its smooth, vibration-free operation on endlessly extendible track segments. This unsurpassed sliding movement can now be electronically controlled by the Tango Electronic Drive (TED). The multi-functional DynaStick is linked via cable to the TED main unit and masters speed, acceleration, deceleration, end stops and position/move programming. An input for a foot pedal or an external joystick is also built in. As a guide rail for the motor unit, Prosup chose the precision of a gear rack for their new TED. The gear rack with its utmost precise toothing is manufactured in-house and works with all existing Tango track lengths. Transitions are seamless and as smooth as the Tango track itself. It obviously also fits all existing Tango camera tracks so that it could be retrofitted to the many units in the field. The motor and drive unit are mounted off a special 100mm bowl mount. The 24V / 60W brushless motor can easily move 15kg of camera load at top speed. Due to the super precise gear rack of this electronic camera slider the slowest speed can hardly be seen. To power the unit, standard V mount batteries (10.8V – 30V) can be used. Customized solutions like remote control of the TED, camera link connection of BLE position data outputs is possible. Of course, the TED can be disengaged at any time, so that you can use your Tango manually. Visit our website at
Waterbird System - Ultra Flexible Track Solutions - From stand-alone bendable sliders to fully integratable rail systems for live events, concerts and studios
During our productions and installations we combine our Waterbird MSXL Flexible Slider with our Ronin 2 for remote controlled camera movements. We offer both wired and wireless solutions for this set up. Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions about the set up, sales or rentals.
We are going to the IBC2022, RAI Amsterdam, 9-12 September, I thought you might be interested in saying hello? We are looking forward getting together again during the show and excited to meet up in person.If you like to set up a meeting in advance, please send us an email or a text. Click to SIGN UP for the IBC Show 2022 - using your unique exhibitor invite code: IBC7659. See you there!
Movicom Camera Support - Aerial-Cable Cameras, Tower Cams, Rail Camera Systems, Remote and Gyro-Stabilized Heads
Movicom Camera Support, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of broadcast camera systems. We power video production of international sports competitions, concerts, live shows, and many other events. We deliver a wide range of products and services comprising host broadcasting, edited non-live coverage, aerial filming, etc. Originated as a robotics and mechatronics lab, Movicom has in its DNA the aspiration for innovation challenges and new creative ideas. The long-standing tradition of research and development activities makes us flexible and ready to meet the demanding needs of their clients and partners and deliver specific customized solutions. Our special projects department can provide you with the needed camera support equipment for rentals and further assist you with your production needs. So if you need Movicom Camera Support for your next project or event, feel free to contact us:
Villrich Broadcast | Demonstrates An Automated PTZ Solution With NDI | NABSHOW 2022 | CENTRALL HALL | BOOTH C5026
Villrich Broadcast | Consultancy & Sales, will be at this year’s NAB Show in Central Hall at the Telescript Booth C5026, where we will demonstrate a total solution of the new Canon CR-N500 PTZ and Telescript ROBO-210-NDI a 21.5? teleprompting system with NDI. The PTZ is automated through the Seervision Suite. The Seervision Suite integrates directly with a wide variety of Pan/Tilt Heads and PTZ cameras, and our API allows you to keep using all your existing systems while continuing the workflow of your video production.
Villrich Broadcast is looking forward catching up in person during this years NAB SHOW 2022 in Las Vegas. We welcome you at our partners stand "Telescript International" Booth C5026. We are looking forward seeing you there. In case you like to set up an appointment feel free to send us an email to or give us a call. See you there!
Season's Greetings
Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Stay safe, be well and most of all enjoy the holiday season with each other. Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it Snow! Warmest Wishes for this Holiday Season!!
Hitachi Kokusai appoints Villrich Broadcast as dealer for the Benelux
Hitachi Kokusai Electric Europe - Hitachi Kokusai Electric provides advanced equipment and systems for the broadcast, production, industrial, semiconductor, medical and telecommunication markets. Founded in 1967, in Frankfurt, Shibaden Denki soon became a leading manufacturer of broadcast cameras, before becoming Hitachi-Denshi. served the European market by broadcast cameras, professional video, CCTV and test & measurement equipment. In the late 80s Hitachi-Denshi enlarged the existing business by entering the industrial video field with a wide range of market suitable products.
Villrich Broadcast partners with Seervision
Seervision, founded in 2016, has its roots in multi-camera control research at the Automatic Control Laboratory of ETH Zurich. Pulling together their expertise in real-time optimization, computer vision and predictive motion models, they ventured out to create a camera system that can film a moving object while mimicking the movements of a professional camera operator. A first demo of our prototype in a lecture recording setting delivered on the promise: the viewers could not distinguish if the camera movements were controlled by an algorithm or an experienced camera operator. Seervision was born!
Telescript Announces World’s First – Displays With NDI® Built-In
Telescript is proud to announce their new line of TelescriptIP prompter and reference monitors with NDI built-in! They will begin shipping this June! For more technical information please visit our new website at:
Creamsource Vortex8 Working Well With Gen Energy G-PB48 & G-B100/390W 26A
Creamsource Vortex8, 650W is working well with GEN ENERGY G-PB48 M2 about 1H04M 100% power. G-PB48 M2 has 2 x 14.4V MONSTER.
Special thanks to Creamsource for the pictures. #Creamsource #Vortex8 Thank you Spencer Newbury for the test with your Vortex8.
shop @
Villrich Broadcast Partners with Dejero
Villrich Broadcast, a Dutch organisation in Broadcast Consultancy & Sales has partnered with Dejero - an innovator in cloud-managed solutions that provide Emmy® award winning video transport and internet connectivity — to boost its sales and rental operations in the Netherlands. Driven by their vision of reliable connectivity anywhere, Dejero aggregates diverse connectivity paths including LTE and 5G cellular, satellite and broadband into a virtual ‘network of networks’ to deliver enhanced reliability, expanded coverage, and greater bandwidth using cloud-based technology.
What We Do... What They Say!
The Consultancy organization specializes in New Product Development as well as assisting in opening new markets for various manufacturers and expanding existing markets. Villrich can offer help in establishing contacts and assisting in negotiations, product placements, marketing, sales and follow up. The Sales organization is a separate division for high-end reliable products with focus for direct sales into Europe. Currently the following brands can be found in the shop: Telescript (Prompters and Public Speaking Systems), Gen Energy (Professional Batteries) and Movicom Reelers (Microphone & Speaker Reelers) and soon more to come.
Gen Energy High Power
Gen Energy just released their latest battery with 390Wh/26A 14.4V. This battery also called MONSTER will be ideal to use for continuous longer running time applications. This battery has 26A Min. 312W, the biggest power in the world, which was designed for the ARRI Alexa LF, Skypanel S60 and latest release of Arri’s Orbiter when working on full power.
Movicom Reelers the Microphone and Speaker winches
In 2017, a subsidiary of Movicom - Movicom Reelers was established, specializing in the development of microphone, speaker winches and control systems. This is how the company began the development of a new market for professional sound equipment. The winches, like other products of the company ??Movicom", are fully manufactured at the own production facilities of the company. As a result, the products with the brand ??Movicom?? meet the highest world quality standards, which are confirmed by dozens of regular customers of innovative products and services of Movicom worldwide.
TrackMen - AR Production with drones
TrackMen is a German-based developer and manufacturer of 3D Camera Tracking Solutions for live, studio, and outside broadcasting. As a one-stop-shop for tracking TrackMen offers the single solutions of different vendors out of just one box. They also develop encoder based systems for various tripods, dollies, cranes for manual operation or automation systems. A very unique zoom lens calibration tool, which perfectly maps the lens and creates a ready to use lens file is a further key to their succes.
Movicom's RobyHead R3 - One of a Kind!
Movicom’s RobyHead R3 is one of the industry’s top gyro stabilized remote heads in the industry. The R3 stands up to the most challenging broadcast environments, consistently delivering professional results with operational stability. Cutting edge design and solid manufacturing of this light-weight remote head allows easy integration with industry standard telescopic cranes, jibs, cable cams, tower cams and high-speed rail systems. Precise control of the head, camera and lens and superior tracking data permits integration with Virtual & Augmented Reality set-ups.
Gen Energy - Endless and stable power on productions!
Powerbank G-PB48 from Gen Energy - Endless and stable power on productions! G-PB48 has powered ARRI’s SKYPANEL stable for the last 2 years. Now you can use G-PB48 also to power ARRI’s ORBITER. ARRI started shipping ORBITERS all over the world.
Gen Energy's Monster
MONSTER, G-B100/390W 26A has 390Wh and min. 312W power. It was so difficult to make it short-proof because of this very fast high power current speed. GEN solved it with the new Arm Cortex 32 bit MCU which is much faster than the older 16 bit MCU. It has an Ultra Low Power which can minimize self-discharging also. GEN has the world's first short-proof patent by communication.
Movicom went guns blazing into the UEFA Nations League
Movicom went guns blazing into the UEFA Nations League second season’s opening game at VTB Arena stadium in Moscow between Russia and Serbia. The match took place with empty seats as per UEFA’s rules; thus a wide variety of camera systems were used to show off all the action and every goal to spectators all around the world.
Egripment Xtreme T10 at the HYPERBOWL meets VW ID.4
Shooting car commercials are difficult during these challenging times. But difficult does not mean impossible - we rather say awesome. We teamed up with our clients and partners ( ACHT / fournell showtechnik GmbH / NSYNK Gesellschaft für Kunst und Technik mbH and TFN at the HyperBowl and set a new benchmark for a true virtual production. Shooting the high-class world premiere car commercial of the all new Volkswagen ID.4 fully electric car in an ‘eco-system’ with almost unlimited possibilities. Have a look at the pictures of our Xtreme T10 encoded camera crane for this shooting.
Telescript's Motorized Public Speaking System - Presidential !
Telescript’s MPS Systems provide the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to public speaking. These bases are designed to telescope from just 20? in the folded position, all the way to 82? when fully extended, providing the perfect height for every presenter.
Movicom - Microphone & Speaker REELERS
The winch is designed for accurate vertical positioning of microphones and speakers in the volumes of a stage, auditorium, studio, conference room and in all other situations that require a quick change in the location of microphones in height. The professional cable StarQuad used in winches provides high noise immunity of the microphone line in the most adverse electromagnetic conditions.