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Villrich B.V. stands out as a premier distributor of equipment essential to the worlds of videography, photography, and cinematography. Our dedication to excellence is evident in our small yet devoted team of experts, whose passion and expertise drive our daily operations. With the added convenience of an EU warehouse and direct communication channels with manufacturers, Villrich B.V. is making a tangible difference in the industry, ensuring that professionals have access to top-quality equipment and unmatched service. Every day, we strive to surpass expectations and raise the bar for excellence in the field of visual storytelling.

Specializing in New Product Development and assisting in opening new markets for various manufacturers, as well as expanding existing markets, Villrich Broadcast offers extensive experience across EMEA, UK, APAC, CIS, Nordics, Eastern European markets, the USA, and LATAM. We provide assistance in establishing contacts, negotiations, product placements, marketing, sales, and follow-up.

Villrich Consultancy focuses on defining and implementing the commercial goals of its clients. 

Featured Brands:

  • Miller Tripods: Learn about the newest tripod and fluid head innovations ensuring stability and precision.
  • Gentree Batteries: Explore smart battery solutions with advanced life cycle count monitoring for improved maintenance routines.
  • Waterbird Systems: Check out flexible sliders perfect for smooth camera movements in live events and studio settings.
  • Projects Department Ltd: Illuminate your productions with Projects Department’s Element Tile Lighting solutions.
  • Fookus Pookus: Reliable and efficient power solution that simplifies your setup and enhances your workflow. Say goodbye to tangled cables and multiple power sources.
  • Polecam & Autopod+: Versatile polecam remote cranes/jibs and autopod elevation units designed for various markets including broadcast, medical, corporate and extreme sports.
  • Telescript International: Discover the latest in teleprompter technology, including NDI-integrated displays and 4K IP 12G-SDI solutions.
  • Craltech: KVM, Broadcast Monitors and Multiviewers known for their exceptional quality and versatility, providing comprehensive monitoring solutions for broadcast and production environments.
  • Dejero: Find out how Dejero’s connectivity solutions enhance live video and real-time data transfer.
  • ProSup: Investigate professional sliders, dollies, and jibs for precise and fluid camera operations.
  • Movicom: Experience dynamic camera systems like the Robycam Studio for more engaging studio productions.

Our consultancy organization concentrates on new product development and assisting in opening new markets and expanding existing ones worldwide. Villrich provides assistance in establishing contacts, negotiations, product placements, marketing, sales, and follow-up.

Villrich Broadcast operates as a distributor and reseller of Cine, Broadcast & Professional Video Solutions, with a separate division dedicated to high-end Broadcast and Cine equipment. Additionally, we offer Event services with a focus on direct sales and rentals into the EMEA, UK, and CIS regions.

If you believe that our experience or any of the services provided by the aforementioned companies could benefit your next production, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help elevate your projects to new heights.

Villrich Broadcast Consultancy & Sales

Miller Tripods

Miller Camera Support Equipment is a company solely dedicated to designing and manufacturing fluid heads, tripods and ancillary camera support equipment. Each product is made by passionate, zealous and highly skilled craftsmen whose combined number of years of experience adds up to many centuries.

Telescript International

Telescript a manufacturer of professional teleprompter equipment. For 60 years, Telescript has supplied professional teleprompting solutions, from hardware to software. Whether it’s for the leader of the free world, heads of states all over the globe, CEOs, television stations, or live events, Telescript is the right choice for your teleprompter needs.

Gentree is ...Shockproof!

First GENTREE got the US Military standard certificate the first in the world and only so far. To get this certificate we should pass the test to drop the battery 26 times and it should has no crack and not broken and should work correctly.

Waterbird Systems

Ultra Flexible Track Solutions - From stand-alone bendable Sliders to fully integratable Rail Systems for Live Events, Concerts and Studios


Polecam Limited is active globally from its Headquarters base near Bedford, England and is recognised across many different markets to include Broadcast, Extreme Sports, Medical, Military & Security, Industrial & Commercial, Corporate, Natural History and emerging markets for specialist Property, Wedding and Music environments; as the market leader for super lightweight, highly portable camera jib, minicams, lenses and remote control systems.

Dejero - Connectivity anywhere

Driven by our vision of reliable connectivity anywhere, we aggregate diverse connectivity paths including LTE and 5G cellular, satellite and broadband into a virtual ‘network of networks’ to deliver enhanced reliability, expanded coverage, and greater bandwidth using cloud-based technology. A two-time technical Emmy® Award winner, we are trusted to solve the mission-critical live video transport and real-time data transfer challenges of organizations around the world.

Movicom - We've got vision

Movicom is a leading manufacturer and supplier of broadcast camera systems. In-house designed and manufactured products form an extensive portfolio of aerial-cable cameras, rail camera systems, remote and gyro-stabilized heads along with remotely controlled robotic polecam solutions. Our products are globally renowned for their high quality, operational stability and smart design.

Craltech - Professional Video Processors and LCD Monitors

Craltech designs, develops and manufactures professional Video Processors and LCD Monitors. Our products are addressed to a wide range of applications such as Broadcast, Corporate, Events, Advertising and Information systems.

stYpe - Cutting edge camera tracking

stYpe provides tracking hardware for television and film studios. We specialized in camera tracking and lately expanded into talent & object tracking – all meant to introduce magical 3D virtual graphics to your sets! Our flagship products, RedSpy, Follower and StypeKit are used by industry’s leading-edge broadcasters. stYpe can provides turnkey solutions for clients looking to spice up their broadcasts with real-time 3D graphics, sports analysis and much more!

Hitachi Kokusai Electric Europe

Hitachi Kokusai Electric provides advanced equipment and systems for the broadcast, production, industrial, semiconductor, medical and telecommunication markets.