Villrich Broadcast Consultancy & Sales 

Headed by Richard Villhaber, an experienced professional with over 25 years of experience in the Broadcast, Sports, Cinema, and Entertainment industry, Villrich is embarking on a new chapter as an independent Consultant to the Broadcast, Cinema, and Live Entertainment Industry.

Villrich specializes in New Product Development and excels in opening new markets for various manufacturers while expanding existing ones. With extensive experience in the EMEA, CIS and East European markets, as well as across Asia, Villrich brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Mr. Villhaber and his associates offer invaluable assistance in establishing contacts, negotiating deals, product placements, marketing strategies, sales, and follow-up. Their comprehensive services ensure that manufacturers can navigate the complexities of global markets with confidence and success.

Villrich currently boasts established relationships with a wide range of industry players, ensuring unparalleled support and guidance for clients seeking to thrive in the competitive landscape of the Broadcast, Cinema, and Live Entertainment sectors.

We currently have established relationships with:

  • Craltech - Spain | 4K/Broadcast Monitors and Multiviewers
  • Dejero - Canada | Send mission-critical live video and real-time data anywhere
  • Fookus Pookus - Estonia | Specialized Film & Television Equipment operators with a passion to innovate the industry 
  • Gentree - Korea | Batteries for Professional Lighting, Broadcast - and Cinema Cameras
  • Hitachi Broadcast Solutions - Germany | Advanced equipment and systems for the broadcast, industrial, medical and telecommunication markets
  • Miller Tripods - Australia | Australian manufacturer dedicated to designing and manufacturing fluid heads, tripods and camera support equipment for the working camera professionals
  • Movicom - Italy | Cable Camera Systems in combination with Stabilized Heads & Microphone/Speaker Reelers
  • Polecam - United Kingdom | Polecam Camera Cranes, Minicam Specialists, Remote Heads, Autopod+ Elevation Units
  • ProSup - The Netherlands | Dutch based manufacturer of high quality camera support equipment for the professional cameraman!
  • Telescript International - USA | Manufacturer of Teleprompters, Autocue & Public Speaking Systems, NDI monitors and more
  • Waterbird Systems - Austria | Camera Slider with a fully bendable rail system for professional purposes for ProAV, Broadcast and the film industry